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The New American Theatre

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is The New American Theatre?
The New American Theatre is a nonprofit actor-led company which produces theatre Los Angeles and beyond. The New American Theatre has a membership company of working, dedicated actors who work in theatre, film, TV and New Media.  We also have a large membership-at-large of actors who have continued to be members and supporters throughout our years.

The New American Studio Ensemble is our core group of actors who particpate in weekly Studios. The New American Studio Ensemble has their own incubator series of productions several times a year.

Do You Also Produce Films?
We produced a short film called Game 7 which was adapted from a one act play that we presented at a Festival of New One Act Plays. The same actors who were in the play also starred in the film. We are planning to do another short soon.

How much do your acting studios cost?
Dues for The New American Studio Ensemble costs $175 per month which includes two weekly acting Studios and membership to The New American Studio Ensemble.

How Do I Audition?
Give us a call and/or email to schedule an audition. call 310.424.2980 or

What Should I Prepare for My Audition?
Please prepare a 2 minutes (or less!) monologue. Your monologe can come from a play or other script. Remember that the best monologues come from great writing and great plays or film scripts. Don't worry if you think that we may have heard it before. That doesn't matter.

If you're stumped for audition material, Shakespeare, Chekhov, and Tennessee Williams are always great choices!

Can I Audit a Studio?
Absolutely. Audits are by appointment only, and cost $25 per audit.  Email us

There are some things that you can do to get to know us, like see one of our productions, read our reviews....and schedule an audition. We try to work with every actor who comes through our door. Our auditions are part audition, and part interview. Tell us what you're looking for, and we will work together and try to fit you into the best studio that's right for you.

After I Audition, How do I find out if I'm accepted ?
We'll give you a call!

What is expected of a New American Studio Ensemble Member?
Other really important things: Come on time, be prepared, have a positive attitude.

If I Join, How Often Will I Get to Work in My Studio?
We keep our studios small, so that our actors can work almost as often as they wish. The average studio size is around 12-16 actors for Monday and Tuesday. Saturday Studios are a bit larger. The short answer is, if you come prepared to each studio and you're ready to work, chances are you will. We send out a weekly email to membership to let them know in advance how many scenes will be going up each week.

How many actors are involved with The New American Theatre?
We have actively produced theatre for over 30 years, and we've been in Los Angeles for 21 years. During that time, we have worked with many many actors, directors, and writers. Many of our theatre artists are extremely busy professionals. At its core, there are about 50 active members at any given time, and hundreds more "members-at-large," who have demonstrated their commitment to our company and who work with on stage on a project-to-project basis.The number of actors in our acting studios varies, depending on the studio.

I'm a member of AEA. Can I still be a member?
Of course. We produce our plays under membership company rule.

Where are you located?
We're currently in residence at the Odyssey Theatre in West Los Angeles.

Is The New American Theatre nonprofit?
Yes. We are an actor-helmed, nonprofit theatre.

I'm a Playwright, Screenwriter, Director....... Is There a Place For Me in Your Company?
Yes of course. In addition to presenting the classics, we also produce new plays, use outside directors. Writers, please click here:

What is Circus Theatricals?
Circus Theatricals was our original name.

The name Circus Theatricals was inspired by the extraordinary nature and energy of the circus, and the dangerous risks performers take in order to entertain and inspire. Like circus performers, actors must challenge themselves to draw up daring and breathtaking artistic courage to allow great stories to be pass through them undaunted by fear.

When Jack Stehlin founded the company, he wanted to combine theatre performance with a way to honor his family, which is made up of several generations of circus performers in Australia, the U.K., and here in the United States. Jack's Uncle Con Colleano was a famous wire walker. Jack's mother Kitty and her three siblings were a famous juggling act who performed center ring with the Ringling Brothers, and were often seen on the Ed Sullivan Show.


The New American Theatre

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