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The New American Studio Ensemble

"a "Dynamic ensemble of highly committed artists." Back Stage

About The New American Theatre
The New American Theatre (NAT) is a critically-acclaimed, award-winning theatre company dedicated to the production of world class theatre. The non-profit company has enjoyed critical acclaim, awards and nominations from the Los Angeles Times, New York Times, LA Drama Critics Circle, Back Stage, LA Weekly, LA Stage Alliance Ovations, and more. CBS Los Angeles named The New American Theatre as one of the top five 99-seat theatre companies in Los Angeles.  NAT is committed to nuturing new and emerging artists who are on their journey through a long-lasting and fruitful career.

The New American Studio Ensemble
The New American Studio Ensemble is the resident acting company of The New American Theatre. Members of the Studio Ensemble are part of unique and vibrant community of working actors. We support actors and theatre artists through our longtime comittment in offering a welcoming and supportive home where we work together to continue to develop our craft, in an ongoing studio, with the additional benefit of live stage performances. Simply, we offer a place for actors to act.

Acting Opportunities
In addition to our weekly acting Studio, our members appear in professionally produced plays for the general public.These include one act festivals, main stage performances, and scene presentations.

Membership Includes:
**** Participation in a community of vibrant, working actors in theatre, TV and film.
**** Collaboration on the production of new and classic plays.
**** A weekly acting studio that focuses on scene study and technique.
**** The benefit of a shared dialogue between motivated and experienced actors who strive for fulfilling and long-lasting acting careers.

The New American Theatre moves to our new home in the heart of Hollywood March 1, 2018. The address is: 1312 N. Wilton Place, Hollywood, CA 90028.

The New American Studio for Actors
Saturdays 10:00am – 1:00pm

IMG: Jack StehlinStudio Ensemble members participate in a weekly ongoing scene study and technique Studio. The Studio is led by Artistic Director Jack Stehlin. You may know Jack from his longtime role as DEA Captain Roy Till on Showtime's Weeds, or from one of his many guest-starring roles on countless hit TV series. Jack has worked extensively on the stages of New York, Los Angeles, Regionally and Internationally.  He is a graduate of The Juilliard School, a Screen Actors Guild (SAG) Award nominee, and has won countless awards and nominations for his career on stages across the globe. More about Jack


Company Member Brendan Brandt on what New American Theatre means to him

Company Member Vanessa Waters on The New American Theatre

Company Member Kasey Dailey on what Saturday Studio means to her.


New American Theatre Artistic Director Jack Stehlin on Audience and Action


Alfred Molina - Acting Schools in Los Angeles"I thought I knew everything there was to know about acting...until I met Jack Stehlin"

- Alfred Molina

ALFRED MOLINA is an accomplished and versatile actor with hundreds film, television and theater productions to his credit.

His many film projects include Poe, Vivaldi, Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time, The Tempest, Carmel, Big Buy, Lessons in Self-Defense, An Education, Da Vinci Code, Spiderman II; Hoax , As You Like It , Frida, and Raiders of the Lost Ark.

A veteran of the stage, Alfred Molina was nominated for a Tony Award for his outstanding portrayal of Abstract Expressionist painter Mark Rothko in RED and for his role as Tevya in Fiddler on the Roof.

Click on the link to see Alfred Molina on imdb!

Vanessa Waters"Jack Stehlin is not only an amazingly talented artist, but truly the best acting teacher I have ever had."

In the years I have studied with Jack, I have become a better actress and am constantly challenged.  Jack teaches pure Stanislavski and gives his students the tools that enable you to work on your own.  Each class is profound.  Each time I listen to Jack I am inspired as an actress and leave with excitement to work.  He is a humble, no nonsense teacher.  I appreciate the truth Jack brings to my work.  Jack is a gem in a town full of people who claim to have all the answers.  Jack really does, or at least makes searching for the answers a true artistic endeavor.   I feel so lucky to be practicing the craft in Jack's studio."

- Vanessa Waters

Vanessa Waters' TV credits include: "House," Voiceover: "Tinkerbell: The Great Fairy Rescue" Theatre: "The Women," "Gibberish," "Three Sisters," "Macbeth"

Jade Sealey
"Jack Stehlin has provided me with utterly inspiring and truthful direction and coaching in the pursuit of my artistic goals."

 He is truly a visionary when it comes to theatre, not to mention teaching acting.  Without Jack, I would have moved to a farm somewhere to hide under a rock long ago!  Honestly, he has transformed my perception of the craft and has driven home the most basic Stanislavskyan fundamentals that I never would have fully understood without him.  Just the fact of Jack Stehlin and Circus Theatricals' existence and has kept hope alive in me for the fate of theatre arts and the craft of acting."

- Jade Sealey

Jade Sealey's Film/TV credits include: "Curb Your Enthusiasm", "Saturday Night Live", "Bridesmaid #3", "How to Cheat", "The Hunger Artist", "Cul De Sac" and "Fool's Paradise". Theatre credits include: Sister Cities (Circus Theatricals in LA / Edinburgh Festival), The Women, Safe, Twelfth Night, The Heiress, Deconstructing the Torah, Weedwacker, Taming of the Shrew, (all with Circus Theatricals); Portia in The Author's Voice and Constanze in Amadeus. (Steve Dobuzyinski Theatre) 

Patrick Vest - Acting Schools in Los Angeles"I auditioned for The New American Theatre / Circus Theatricals in 2002.  That's the best thing I've ever done for myself as an actor."

I had been in and out of classes and training programs for years, never finding one that gave me a way of working.  Oh, I had been working professionally for a decade before meeting Jack [Stehlin], but wasn't getting any better. 

I started off in his Scene Study class which met on Mondays and finished every six months with a showcase of the work we were doing.  From my first day in class with Jack, I knew that I was in the right place.  I watched him work with actors on scenes, and was amazed not only at his insight, but at his tireless approach to the work.  He simply never gives up.  He never glosses over anything.  He never moves on without making the work fuller, richer, and more real.  That's an amazing talent.  There are times when I check out, even now, while watching others work on a five minute scene for an hour.  But Jack never does.  Not for a moment.  After watching him work for a couple of weeks, I had finally got a scene ready to put on its feet.  It can be hard to get criticism.  We're actors, and our very nature makes us somewhat sensitive.  Jack attacks the work like a surgeon.  He's precise, methodical and by his own admission he'll focus on what's not working instead of trying to ingratiate himself with lots of praise.  So when he said I wasn't breathing well and wasn't working as deeply as I could be, I wondered if I could take it.  However I did my best to take every direction he gave me.  I had seen him get the best out of every actor in class, so I figured he was probably right when it came to me as well.  Not only did he help me identify the things I needed to work on, he gave me a way to work.  That's a gift I treasure and one that has kept me working steadily, often taking me away from my Circus Theatricals home for months on end.  But I always find my way back when my gig ends. It's been nearly a decade now that I've been going to studio--although I moved into the Saturday class a few years back.   We're still going deeper into the work.  Still identifying the actions, figuring out what the character is doing, and not moving on until we've moved forward in the work. 

I sincerely believe that all of the success that I've had--all the wonderful roles I've had the honor to play over the past 8 years--my now tireless work ethic can be traced directly to Jack Stehlin.  My mentor.  My friend.  The best damn teacher and actor I've had the pleasure to know."

- Patrick Vest

Patrick Vest's credits include over 100 theatrical productions, including Seduced, The Misanthrope, Macbeth, The Circle, and All My Sons (all with Circus Theatricals). He also wrote and performed a one man show about Henry David Thoreau. He is a member of the The New American Studio Ensemble.

Brendan Brandt - Acting Schools in Los Angeles"Jack Stehlin and the Studio is an oasis of artistry in a desert of pizza and beer commercials."

It's fuel for the artistic soul to come in on Saturdays and study the best plays ever written, and then feel inspired to go back to the grind of auditions and rejections. Jack has a keen, intense mind for acting and directing, and his passion is contagious. He has most certainly made me a better actor.

- Brendan Brandt

Brendan Brandt's credits:
Film: "Tic" (LionsGate, June 2011)
TV: Criminal Minds: Suspect Behavior, Working Class, Close to Home
Commercials: Domino's, Microsoft, Kaplan, Sprite, Bud Light, etc.
Theater: Macbeth, Getting Out (both with Circus Theatricals), Miss Margarita's Way (The Odyssey), Twist (Avery Shreiber) Brenda wrote "Waiting Tables, Dodging Bullets", available at bookstores.  Brendan directed the documentary Victor’s Last Class, which has played in festivals in Amsterdam, New York, Kansas City, and Pasadena, on TV in Israel and Slovenia, is coming to theaters in Poland, and is still touring colleges and festivals. . 

How to Join the Saturday Studio and The Studio Ensemble:

Membership is by audition/interview only. During the audition/interview process, potential members choose the Studio(s) they’re interested in. After the audition / Interview process is completed, the artistic director will recommend the Studio we feel will be best suited for each new member.If you are interested in joining The New American Studio Ensemble, you are required to audition / interview. Auditions are usually held by appointment on Saturday afternoons as well as other designated times throughout the week. Potential members can audit a Studio for $25. There is a maximum of two auditors per week. Auditors must reserve their seat and pay in advance by emailing

What to Prepare for Your Audition:
Please prepare a 2 minute (or less) monologue. Check our our FAQ page for more details and tips.

Monthly Fee:
Because of our comittment to actors, we have made it our mission to offer professional training at an affordable price.
For a monthly fee of only $175, actors belong to an award-winning theatre company, AND participate in a weekly professional acting studio.

Frequently Asked Questions Do you have questions? Click here

To Audition, email Managing Director Jeannine Wisnosky Stehlin or phone 310-424-2980.

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